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Bio-based straw

Bio-based straw

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  • 天然植物纤维塑料来自稻壳、秸秆提取
  • 40%以上的植物纤维材料可再次回收利用
  • 可调控降解时间的生物合成树脂
  • 加工工艺简单
  • 和传统的塑料原料加工工艺相似
  • 通过德国DIN生物材料认证
  • 大量 15省耗能
  • 复合型绿色环保材料
  • 减少了废弃二氧化碳的排量

88彩票网登陆网址 www.64ixn.com.cn 1)Biological straw new material is made of straw, rice husk and other natural renewable fiber and polymer and the special process. Green: through the German DIN biological material certification, meet eu biomass material standard, a week can reduce oil consumption, to reduce the straw burning, low carbon environmental protection of air pollution. Performance: manufactured its performance to traditional polymeric materials close, comfortable, comfortable, the appearance of the natural order fiber texture, natural affinity of the senses. Safe non-toxic: straw new material does not contain bpa amine, stupid plasticizers, heavy metals and other harmful elements, through the FDA certification.

2)New biological material (starch) is mostly made from corn starch in the special process of new polymer materials. Green: made into finished products piled up in the state of biodegradable 6 to 18 months. Low carbon emissions, can also be recycled. Performance: the plastic performance with the conventional polymer approximation, smooth appearance, comfortable feel and no static, color colorful bright bright. Starch content can reach more than 60% and can be used instead of the traditional petroleum products, reduce our dependence on oil resources and destruction, lower processing temperature than the traditional plastic products of about 60 degrees, a large number of energy saving, reduce poisonous gas produced by the high temperature decomposition, to improve the living environment of our work.

Main Technical Index
NO Item Technical Index
2 Outer appearance Column Grain
3 Climate resistance level4
3 Processing temperature 180℃-200℃

Application Fields

Applicable to tableware, plastic bags, cups, storage boxes, suitcases and other household items As well as decorative reproof and electricity proof building materials, automotive interior, agricultural lm and many other products.

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