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88彩票网登陆网址 www.64ixn.com.cn CU color card color formula guide - smooth surface coated paper & amp;Offset paper is stylist, printing companies, and colour is an essential tool for policy makers, is used to specify and nuclear plane design scheme using the color, especially the trademark, brand and packaging.

the complete set including 1867 kinds of color, printed on the smooth coated paper and offset paper, provide as much choice in order to properly and securely communicate with specified color.

the new color in the guide the forefront, designers can easily find inspiration and expression of 112 kinds of new ways and opportunities, to be creative.

color number are provided and ink formula, so anywhere in the world the printing industry can be a clear understanding of how to mix when printed out the most conforms to the color.

color is mainly depending on the color arrangement and visual find color series and scope.

on both sides of the color range are extended to the page, when the guide page in evaluation on print color is more conducive to analysis.

each of the rear guide attached index, can be found in accordance with the code easily.

convenient fan format for colour browsing and carry.

guide used books printed paper to obtain the most popular printing industry best simulation effect of substrate.

each of the rear guide attached lighting indicators tool, when using, can immediately know whether the current lighting conditions for correct colour evaluation and comparison.

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